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From an early age, I was always drawn to art, and am grateful I have been able to create works people enjoy. The art i create is primarily about imagination and exploration, a glimpse inside worlds of fantasy and wonder. Years of practice has gone in being able to depict people, places and objects in a realistic manner, but I also enjoy the surreal, abstract, and impressionist styles. Like many artists and explorers, the unknown is what draws me, to find something new, to create something never before seen in this world.

So please take a look at my collections, read some of my stories, see some ideas, and please feel free to contact me to suggest what you would like to see next or comment on a piece you think needs something. I am inspired and open to all ideas and concepts, and as a commission artist for over two decades, some of my best work has come from the ideas of family, friends and clients – Enjoy!

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