Pet Portraits

As a life-long pet owner, I know how important these furry family members become to us. A pet portrait enables you to have a reminder of these awesome animals, and all the smiles they bring.  Every portrait is unique and I try to bring the subject’s character to the fore, which begins with the photo client’s photo selection and idea, than through the mindscape until a perfect picture is actualized.

Size & Pricing

For acrylic paintings, each client may select the size of their artwork – the most common are listed to the right. The larger and more complex painting take more time, and are priced accordingly.  Here is an average cost, though each price is unique due to fur length, complexity, colors#ECB068, and other factors.

8” x 10” – $150
9” x 12” – $180
10” x 20” – $200
12” x 16” – $250
16” x 20” – $400
18” x 24” – $550