SEPTA Projects

As Senior Digital and Print Designer, I create marketing and advertising materials for both printed materials and digital content. Creating flyers, poster, branding and more are part of my responsibilities, and working with the SEPTA graphics team, we visually communicate the Authority’s information to the staff and customers.

2022 SEPTA Performance report

Working with the SEPTA design team, we created the 2022 performance report for review. Click Here

Digital Ads and Infographics

One of our most vital piece of information for our customers, Digital ads and infographics on the SEPTA website are vital for communication with our travelers.

Logos and Infographics

Departments, events, and more need logos and infographics at SEPTA, and our department aims to please. Working on branding enables cross department communication, and it is always interesting how the design develops based on input from multiple sources.

Posters and Flyers

Flyers and posters are integral to communication at SEPTA; whether for events, product sales, or just customer updates, print materials are a vital means of communication among the less tech-savy of customers and employees. Designing posters and flyers is an excellent platform for information and creativity.