This gallery contains the commission pieces I was selected to paint, and I enjoyed the challenges of each and every one. Commission work gives me the opportunity to paint subjects I normally wouldn’t paint, enabling me to grow my artistic skills and learn about things outside my realms of interest. I involve my clients in all steps of my process to ensure their vision is proceeding to plan, and receiving feedback and collaborating on the artwork is almost always an enjoyable experience. If you have a

The Family That Slays Together
Florida Turtles
Fishing Memories
Pirates of Dragon Bay
Crandley Officers (Digital)
Deuce & Bono
Dreams of Tibet
Tiger Smooth
Fall of the Plaguelord
Gorilla Skateboard
Dapper Tanis
Colonol Bernie
Sir Tiamat
General Ed
Lewis Lighning Cage
Technicolor Lion
Darius the Slayer
Moonchild and Starpanther

Size & Pricing

For acrylic paintings, each client may select the size of their artwork – the most common are listed to the right. The larger and more complex painting take more time, and are priced accordingly.  Here is an average cost, though each price is unique due to subject matter, complexity, color selection, and other factors.

8” x 10” – $120
9” x 12” – $150
10” x 20” – $180
12” x 16” – $180
16” x 20” – $300
18” x 24” – $400