Storyboards & Comic Books

Doctor Tombstone

The tale of a disgraced necromancer and his search for vengeance. After working for a few independent comic companies, I wanted to write and illustrate my own story.  Set in current times, the setting is reminiscent of the Golden Compass, with magic being a part of society.

Fenax & Ironhide - 2021

Until We Sleep

The Shadowstalkers turn on their creator, Dyspair, in the third issue of the series. I penciled the issue, as well as inked and colored some pages due to other artists missing deadlines.

Until We Sleep - Bonus Content


Char was a story by Shot in the Dark Comics featuring their cover model, Dani Danger.  Unfortunately, once the book was completed, SITD Comics dropped Dani due to a disagreement, forcing a whole new twist to the completed book.

Char - Issue 2 - Incomplete
Simon & Gideon - PLB Comics Oct 2014
The Fall - PLB Comics May 2012
Stonelands - Concept Story 2005
Minions - Concept Story 2002