Welcome Traveler!

Here At Alloy Rovers, we offer the paramount experience in space exploration!  Our patented Remote Controlled Rovers (RCR) cater to your every desire for intergalactic exploration with the latest in avatar technology! Fly in the fire hurricanes of the temptuous planet Venus, or plumb the depths of the mysterious mines of Mars, all from the safety of your own home using our revolutionary Secondscin Avatar System. Simply don the lightweight, ergonomic headset and be transported to your avatars body at your destination. Safely and simply, our unique designs and superlative craftsmanship can fulfill your dreams of seeing the best sights in our solar system!

Each model is constructed entirely from alloys containing iron-V, found only on remote asteroids in the furthest reaches of our galaxy. Able to withstand almost any atmosphere, each of our models have custom alloys created specifically to a planet, asteroid, or space station. Our patented secondscin system combines cutting-edge computer systems and the most advanced bio-division in the Milky Way Galaxy. From the complete safety of one of our Remote Rooms, you will see, hear, smell, taste and feel what your avatar experiences, offering our clients the ultimate experience in traveling the eight planets. 

Our rover models are available in the industry-leading variety, and we also offer customizations for our more discerning clients. Regardless of model, each of our RCRs utilize our innovative bio-tether technology, enabling our users to experience each world as if they actually walked, swam, or flew on the surface in real-time.  Our enhanced medusazoans brains pilot the rover, and enable our clients to feel, react, and respond to the local flora and fauna in real time, and the Iron-V metal alloys are extremely flexible and nearly indestructible, fostering the spirit of exploration without the physical consequences.  

All this and more makes Alloy Rovers your premier choice for your galactic travel needs!


The most vital part of our revolutionary planet exploration avatars is the Medusozoan Rover Piloting System, or MRPs. All of the medusozoans, or jellyfish, installed in our rovers are grown and developed on Earth, and are genetically engineered to survive the atmosphere of the planet their rover will be deployed. Each jellyfish is crucial for operation of the Secondscin system as they serve as the primary facilitator of the bio-link, which enables the rover and it’s user to experience the sights, sounds, touch and more. In addition, the organisms serve as a fail-safe to prevent tampering, high-jacking, and in extreme cases, deactivation of rogue rovers.


ATLAS7-1V-ALL100 (Ted)

Amazing feats are at your fingertips with the tenacious ATLAS Rover! One of our first models, the Atlas has been a key component of resource gathering and colonizing organizations across the galaxy due to its incredible durability and strength, and has now been released to the private sector. The size and density altering technology makes the Atlas a one-avatar wrecking crew, and this rover is hours of fun for our more destructive clients! If you want to feel the power to elevate world, look no further!

SPRITE3-2VG-VEN007 (Gold Sprite)

The planet Venus For those who desire a more grandiose adventure, our Golden Sprite models enable users to experience the vivid floral world of Venus from an insects’ point of view. Fantastic flight, incredible mobility, and amazing light-bending projectors are all at your control, and the patented gold second skin can withstand the heat of even the hottest day.  There is no other experience quite like our Gold Sprite!

And that’s not all! Due to Venus’ close proximity to the Sun’s energetic rays, Alloy Rovers has been able to harness this energy for true translocation technology! That’s right, our Gold Sprite rover is our only active model to contain a portal generator; bend space and time on a micro level to travel instantaneously.  Navigate the planets multiple shells with ease – the lush atmosphere of Venus will hold no secrets to our Gold Sprite pilots!

GORILL8-1V-MAR110 (Silverspine Gorillon)

Longtime favorite Silverspine Gorilla has been a mainstay on Mars for over a century. Our fourth iteration, the affectionately-named GO-A4, Is an explosive burst of raw power, sure to quench your thirst for excitement. The enhanced gorilla-proportions house our strongest strength system, propelling users across any surface of Mars’ complex topography with utmost ability and programmed skill.  

First popularized during the Settling of Mars, many of the GORILLA’s weapons and defensive measures have been upgraded, and a unique, spiked spine gives this rover added defense against Mars’ troublesome and ever-present lurkers.  The internal thermal reactor enables the exploration of Mars’ peaks and valleys without hindrance, and allows the longest roam time. All together, the GORILLA is king of the rovers!

THESUS1-1VC-PLU100 (Neons)

Distant Pluto offers our most dangerous setting for brave travelers willing to tread the horizon. Boasting our strongest alloys, boost systems, and communication capabilities, our THESUS models, or Neons, are built to test the limits of human expansion.

Our Neons are equipped to deal with the most inhospitable planet in our system. Deep in the dark, cold caverns and mines, strange wonders and mysterious veins of ore lurk hidden in the glacial gloom, never before seen by humankind. Lighting, Size and density altering technology allow the AJAX to accomplish feats other models would fail, or even break.

***Note: ex-military and police are always in demand for security/demolition shifts. Steady pay and benefits are available for those who qualify. Contact our offices to see if you qualify.

ANGEL3-2V-VEN100 (Iron Angel)

Soar the fluorescent skies of a Jupiter Cyclone effortlessly and freely with our most popular models, the Iron Angel! Our original bestseller, centuries of refinement and improvements have truly made this rover the gold standard. Featuring flight, holographic projection, enhanced fog vision and more, the Iron Angel Rover is perfectly matched to Jupiter’s windy atmosphere.

The chaotic terrain of Jupiter contains tremendous waterfalls, towering hurricanes, and monstrous tornados, so our engineers have designed the ANGEL to be nigh-invulnerable. Navigating the currents and tides will be a breeze with cutting-edge stabilizers and  gravity-field generators, and the laser targeting can be used to observe or destroy. All this makes The Iron Angel the premier rover in our stable!

DISPL2-2VT-VEN007 (Displacer)

Enter the body of an enhanced, deadly apex predator! The thrill of the hunt, the excitement of the chase – experience it all with the DISPLACER! Inspired by the deadly panther, the agile and versatile model quickly became an in-house favorite, and has now been used on every planet in our solar system. Become a force to be reckoned with in the jungles of Venus

The Displacer’s sleek, articulated body is propelled by six surface grabbing legs and claws capable of scaling inclines of any degree, even upside-down. Additional multi-faceted hands attached to two-tails enable the sophisticated use of tools or weapons even while suspended.

NAIAD4-3V-NEP100 with optional AQUAHA2-2VT-NEP100

Delve deep into the mysterious underwater core of distant Neptune! Never before has exploration of the beautiful underwater hydrogen volcanoes, labyrinthine mega-coral colonies, and other incredible sites of our aqueous neighbor been as accessible as now! Crafted to withstand the crushing pressure of the depths, a detachable headpiece offers users an extra option for hard to reach places. Powered by the atmosphere of the water planet itself, and with advanced self-repair systems, a single rover can last for centuries.

Featuring the optional Aquahammer AI companion, this rovers unique pressure capacitators and grav-levelers enable smooth and unfettered mobility as you maneuver Neptunes torrid tides with ease. The Aquahammer also adds extra propolsion and exploratory capabilities due to it’s enhanced electrical systems.



Fly through the lush canopies of Venus at the speed of a bullet with the nimble Silvara avatar! Capable of Mach 7 speed, this Remote Controlled Rover is a favorite of thrill seekers everywhere, and the amazing automated reaction assist system provides the control necessary to operate at full capacity.  In addition, the standard hover function enables our users to literally float on air, and aids in avoiding collisions, obstacles, and more, making it a great model for rover beginners.

GORGON2-1V-MAR110 (The Iberian)

Feel the power and speed of a mighty Iberian bull with the fiesty Gorgon! This bovine-inspired rover has the power and capacity to move mountains, and its speed and agility makes for an exhilarating experience. The Iberian’s unique design has been enhanced with a super shock absorber system and a secondary ion engine, giving this rover extra punch when it comes to knocking down walls and also enables impressive vertical leaps. Be the bull in the china shop with the Iberian!

CYBEAR2-1V-MAR110 (Cybeargu)

Feel the ferocity of one of Earth’s apex predators, multiplied by two, in the mighty CYBEAR Rover! Featuring an additional set of custom arms for running, climbing, and hand functions, the Cybeargu is a versatile rover with speed, size and power. Originally created for the rugged terrain of Mars, many of these models are in use on other planets due to the rover’s easily customizable design. Remember, where there be mountains, there be bears!


In honor of the Lady Liberty of Ukraine, this multi-limbed rover has the power and strength to overcome any obstacle. An excellent option


(Archimedes) Fly swiftly and silently over and through the verdant canopies of the jungles of Venus with the Owltrice Rover! The unique wing construction combined with the aerodynamic body design enables maximum sound suppression during flight, and also speeds at nearly Mach 4. An additional feature, the harpoon tail, enables precise retrieval of objects from up to eighty feet. Soar high with our Owltrice Rover!


STUNNR1-1V-VEN100 (Crawford)

 Stop them in their tracks with the STUNNER Rover! Affectionately referred to as the “Crawford”, don’t let these rovers’ beauty fool you; this model is built to withstand the crushing forces of the oceans of Venus, and have enough battery life to explore the depths for hours on end. Powered by the atmosphere of the planet itself, and with advanced light dampening systems, this rover is primarily used to scour the sun-scorched lands, comb the boiling depths of the oceans, and even mine the molten core of the planet itself. Truly these features enable the Crawford Rover to be the epitome of both beauty and brawn!

Zen Gorilla

Be at peace. Be one with the universe. Be like the gorilla. Achieve zen.

FAIRIE3-2VG-VEN007 (Humbolt)

Calling all speed racers! Fly through the lush canopies of Venus at the speed of a bullet with the agile Humbolt! Capable of Mach 9 speed, this Remote Controlled Rover is a favorite of thrill seekers everywhere, and the amazing automated reaction assist system provides the control necessary to operate at full capacity.  In addition, the standard hover function enables our users to literally float on air, and aids in avoiding collisions, obstacles, and more, making it a great model for rover beginners. All in all, the Humbolt Rover fulfills your need for speed!


Plum the depths of Venus’ turbid oceans with the efficient Capricorn Rover!


After experiencing the speed of the Spitfyre rover, flying will never feel the same again! Boasting the strongest thruster technology combined with amazing aerodynamic design and top-of-the-line body construction, this rover can attain speeds well over 300 mph and can turn the sharpest corner at nearly full speed. Due to its unique engineering, this Remote Controlled Rover has an extended range, effectively doubling its roaming capabilities and enhanced vision, capable of UV and Ultraviolet detection. Neither the lush canopies nor the sprawling subterranean systems of Venus can hide a thing when you pilot the Spitfyre!

ARACHN2-1V-MAR100 (Lady Arachne, LA)

The highest peaks and deepest valleys of Mars are no longer unattainable with the Lady Arachne Rover! Boasting an unique four-armed chassis, this rover can scale the sheerest walls with ease utilizing its multi-faceted hands to support our lightest rover yet. The chassis features extendable limbs, able to reach up to fifty meters, and the lightweight design can lift and carry loads in excess of two tons in addition to its own weight. Truly, no area is unreachable with the power of the Lady Arachne!


Stand tall over the competition with the robust Zaurus rover! With over fifty years of service in the rugged fields of Mars, the Zaurus has been a favorite of both terra-formers and security outfits alike and is ideally equipped to handle the harsh terrain of the red planet. With superior durability and an enhanced communication system, this model has time and again surpassed expectations in both distance traveled above and below the surface, and has been known to survive cave-ins that would destroy other models. For top of the line strength and endurance, the Zaurus is the premier rover!