Sold Artwork Gallery

The following gallery contains a small sample of paintings that have been sold since 2018. Whether collaborating with a client on a commission piece or creating a painting on my own, I always love it when I see the smile on the client’s face when they receive the final artwork.  Whether a pet portrait, vacation scene, or an imagination piece, I am grateful to be able to create art that connects with people, and i hope you enjoy!

Pirates of Dragon Bay
Mami Wata
Fishing Memories
Dreams of Tibet
Gorilla Board
Abstract City
Crane on Gold
Florida Turtles
Tiger Smooth
Fall of the Plaguelord
Mermaid Zeal
The Playful Bears
General Ed
Savannah Warrior
Technicolor Lion
Darius the Slayer
Moonchild and Starpanther

Size & Pricing

For acrylic paintings, each client may select the size of their artwork – the most common are listed to the right. The larger and more complex painting take more time, and are priced accordingly.  Here is an average cost, though each price is unique due to subject matter, complexity, color selection, and other factors.

8” x 10” – $120
9” x 12” – $150
10” x 20” – $180
12” x 16” – $180
16” x 20” – $300
18” x 24” – $400