Mancino Manufacturing

As the Multimedia Director at Mancino Manufacturing Company, Inc., I was responsible for all marketing and advertising, both print and digital. Weekly email campaigns, advertising and SEO strategies, print color matching and large format digital printing, event and product photography – all these and more were part of my experience with this international gymnastics company.


The most vital piece of our marketing campaign, the Mancino advertisements were the main source of our revenue stream, and creating an ad that stands out among the many competitors was paramount.  Our main outlets were International Gymnast, Inside Gymnastics, and Inside Cheerleading.


The annual catalogue was a big event every year; as well as the new products being added, we would have to decide which products to discontinue, highlight, or put on sale.

email campaign

We created many email campaigns during my time at Mancino; whether for events, product sales, or just customer updates, emails are an important tool in a marketer’s belt. Designing an email offers its own unique challenges, from not being white-listed to creating enticing reasons to open the email.