Web design has always been very exciting, since I began creating websites with Photoshop, HTML, Flash, and Dreamweaver in the late 90s. The medium continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and i always enjoy the new ideas, techniques, and designs this new medium offers. Below are a few of my recent clients, followed by a list of sites I have designed throughout the years – contact me today for a free consultation.

For the PHA’s website, I was responsible for content development with the Communications team, and recreated the web design to align with the new logo and branding.

The Hope Center at Temple University was an exciting project featuring a large range of content and a short deadline. We transferred an existing site to a new website and brand by the beginning of the academic year, as well as creating the new brand itself.

An additional website for the PHA which showcased their primary project, the new renovations in Sharswood-Blumberg, I developed content and designed sections of this site.

In addition to these websites, I have created the following list of sites during my career. Some have been updated, some have been changed, but most have maintained the templates and design concepts I had established.
Allstates Bonding
Butch’s BBQ
The Baldwin School
JVV Builders
MNG Hardware
Generation Gap Radio
Emotional Harmony
Artis T. Ore